Monday, March 25, 2013

Restaurant Waiting List

If you are looking for a template, download this “sample”, because it has not any complication, very easy to follow. Don’t worry about, it will not a headache for you, because it is free of charge, and you have to pay nothing. If you are managing a small restaurant and want to run it smoothly, then there should be neat system not to face any problem.

A waiting list is a sort of form which will help you to have a record of the visitors who want to have a vacant seat in your restaurant in the flowery evening with their family. This list will provide the easy way of adopting a system, because the guest makes a dispute & claim that their arrivals are earlier than of others. In the list make column inside this template and write arrival time of the guest, serving time and information concerning with the waiting guest. There should be a column for the phone numbers to make an immediate contact with the guest. When they saw long queue, they decide to move towards any mall to shop.

They should be provided with comprehensive information. When they have been served, you can mark them by checklist in the checklist column. If you will see at a glance you will find at the very moment that which guest have been skipped and have not in a mood to pass their time in your restaurant. Due to shortage of time they didn’t cancel their name form the list. This check list may be arrange in a different way, if you have a creative mind and want to go in your style. Modify it and have a smooth system.

Click here to download this template:

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