Saturday, October 15, 2011

Checkbook Register Template

A check register is a booklet used to record account transactions. It is your personal documentation of your checking account. It can be used as a sort of backup system, to tally with your bank records. It is an extremely easy way to balance your checkbook, track your spending, set a budget, manage your money and more.
Here is a simple printable check book register template for your new home business or to begin tracking your personal finances. If you are just getting started managing your finances or have a new home business and need a quick solution for tracking expenses, this template can be a big help. You can use the register for deposits and withdrawals with an extra column for recording the expense category, to remind you where the money was utilized. Enter every transaction into it. When you write a check or use your debit card, put the transaction in your check register immediately.
With everyone taking more of an interest in tightening their budgets, it is a very good idea to have a powerful tool at your disposal to better manage your savings and budget. . You can also use the paper check registers that come with your checks, or you can use an electronic system. You can use it as an electronic register, using on your laptop as you go, or as a manual system. In addition to managing your budget, you can also use it to know what transactions have been cleared with the bank and how much money you have. Below is the preview and download link to this Free Checkbook Register Template.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Report Word Template

Book reports formats or templates include basic, detailed and very comprehensive information and analysis of the book. The level of analysis and material quality varies; depending on the level of book report. A book report is an overview or summary of a book that anyone who has read the book can write about it. He can include his own opinion honestly, about the style and content of the book. Official Book reports are often usually written by renowned writers on other authors’ books, and they can give a very true review of a book, as they also belong to the same field.
Sometimes students are also asked to write reports on books that have been included in their syllabus. It helps them to grasp the knowledge of the author, and study the specific book in detail, to get its main idea. Students are expected to give a detailed and in depth analysis and literary criticism of the book in hand. College and higher level students should be able to critically analyze the material and derive inferences accordingly.
Creating a book report is not a difficult job. But it should be written in its proper format and layout. To save time, you can even use a pre defining design template for a book report. Here we offer you a ready to use book report template that you can download. If you do not know how to structure your book report, the template given below will help you. The structure presented below is the most general one, and can also be adjusted to incorporate some other changes you desire.
This template can be used to create your own template in a variety of different formats, themes, and sizes. Your students will have this unique book report challenging and fun to complete.

Download template from this link ------>  Book Report Template

Friday, August 26, 2011

Annual Report Template

A report is made to provide people with a complete overview of what is being done in a company. Annual report tells a company’s mission; their accomplishments, goals and vision.  There are different types of reports.

  • They can be made to study conditions of a state and by studying the annual report make analysis and conclusion about the situation.
  • Other report could be to study affairs of a state and then predict about its future and development it could make by keeping that annual report in front.

Annual report template helps to systematically understand the position of the company.
Annual report also summarizes employees and the budget associated with them.

A universal report template has been made in Microsoft Excel. Now one can choose to customize it according to one’s suitability. The format of an annual report depends upon the idea of the report. Instead of making some report manually which might be much time consuming it is better to simply download a template on Microsoft Excel and edit it according to one’s needs. 

Click here to download this Free Annual Report Template

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance sheet template provides a great help to keep a track of various things.
  • One can keep a record of daily attendance at schools, colleges or universities.
  • If there’s some meeting at church or clubs party a track can be maintained with the help of this template.
This would be a quick Microsoft Word Template that can help to maintain student school attendance. This template also can help to record daily or weekly attendance for a school or office environment where taking attendance become very handy in routine tasks.
Attendance sheet template proves to be of great help when number of people is at large and it is very difficult to do this manually. So Microsoft Word helps a lot in reducing workload.
The templates can easily be colored and designed. It helps in differentiating every position or things like students name and serial numbers in different ways. The colorful template makes work easy as well as attractive. This template can easily be printed as well.
Here is the preview and download link to this Free Attendance Sheet Template,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Project Status Report Template

Project managers need to be in touch on a regular basis with stakeholders and clients to bring them up to date with the recent condition of a project and to deal with their anticipations regarding the project. Various setbacks may float up if this vital community is not well educated of a project’s development, mainly if shareholders have diverse outlook. In fact, the cause of a lot of project disagreement come up not for the reason of real problems, but because a client or a stakeholder was surprised by a project’s result.

Corresponding with stakeholders, sponsor, other team workers and other interested parties takes up quite a bit of project manager’s time. No matter how demanding your work may possibly be, there should at all times be time to regularly create a report on current project status. This simple form template will assist you to promptly report status on the given project.

Our free project status report template includes the outline for corresponding project status details to the most important stakeholders of your project in a document file.

This project status report template will make it possible for you to let stakeholders informed of the in progress status of a project and will allow to guarantee that there are no surprises and shocks relating to the progress and outcome of the result. It is planned so as to make it effortless to communicate project information to those concerned. It shows one layout design you can use to effectively communicate a project’s status to respected clients, customers, and other stakeholders.
Below is the preview and download link to this Free Project Status Report Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Project Status Report Template,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Payback Period Template

In business and economics, payback period refers to the time period essential for the return of any amount of money paid on an investment to "refund" the sum of the original investment. Payback period is the number of years necessary for an organization to recall an initial investment. This may relate to a complete business function or an individual project.

Payback on investment tells you the percentage return you have completed over a particular period as a result of the said investment. You may indicate a time period for the maturity of your investment, that fits in according to your organization’s planning cycle – perhaps a year or two years. Similarly, you may also want to estimate the period of time to match up to the lifetime of the benefit of the investment. Another way at understanding payback period is to work out how many months or time period it will take before the profit of the investment match the costs and the expenses sustained.

In simple words, payback period is determined as costs incurred, divided by monthly benefits.
In business investments, payback period is of significant importance. If the resulting figure is comparatively less, as in a few months, then the administration will be that much more optimistic to make the investment.
Here we have our professionally designed Payback Period Template, which can help you out while determining the payback time period of your current or expected investment. You can also decide if your expected investment appears for you to be feasible or not. This is a specifically designed template, which is easy to use, and modify for any one. You can just download it from our site, make some necessary changes, and you are ready to get started with your work.
Here is the preview and download link to this Free Payback Period Template,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving Average Sales Forecast Template

Forecasting is defined simply as interpreting previous experiences and data to get an estimate for the future. Businesses require sales forecasting, to improve their efficiency and help them make decisions relating to business and sales. Forecasting is very essential in a business because businesses need to know what profit or response they will get in the future so that they can easily control their operations consequently.
There are different methods applied for forecasting sales, both qualitative and quantitative. The kind of forecasting technique to use depends on the temperament of the data and the intensity of accuracy the business is looking for. One of the most common business sales forecasting methods is moving average sales forecast method. This technique forecasts demand or sales or as required, by calculating an average of previous demands/sales from a particular number of former periods, mostly a year. This can be better understood, as calculating the average sales amount from previous three weeks, to forecast the sales for the coming week. It can be on a monthly, or quarterly or yearly base as well.
Below, you can see our free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template. This template calculates a moving average sales forecast according to the past sales activity, spanning sales data over a period of twelve months. Moving averages are occasionally helpful in locating trends. You can simply click on the download link below and tailor the Moving Average Sales Forecast Template according to your business’ requirements.

Here is the preview to this Free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template,