Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving Average Sales Forecast Template

Forecasting is defined simply as interpreting previous experiences and data to get an estimate for the future. Businesses require sales forecasting, to improve their efficiency and help them make decisions relating to business and sales. Forecasting is very essential in a business because businesses need to know what profit or response they will get in the future so that they can easily control their operations consequently.
There are different methods applied for forecasting sales, both qualitative and quantitative. The kind of forecasting technique to use depends on the temperament of the data and the intensity of accuracy the business is looking for. One of the most common business sales forecasting methods is moving average sales forecast method. This technique forecasts demand or sales or as required, by calculating an average of previous demands/sales from a particular number of former periods, mostly a year. This can be better understood, as calculating the average sales amount from previous three weeks, to forecast the sales for the coming week. It can be on a monthly, or quarterly or yearly base as well.
Below, you can see our free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template. This template calculates a moving average sales forecast according to the past sales activity, spanning sales data over a period of twelve months. Moving averages are occasionally helpful in locating trends. You can simply click on the download link below and tailor the Moving Average Sales Forecast Template according to your business’ requirements.

Here is the preview to this Free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Moving Average Sales Forecast Template,

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