Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Project Status Report Template

Project managers need to be in touch on a regular basis with stakeholders and clients to bring them up to date with the recent condition of a project and to deal with their anticipations regarding the project. Various setbacks may float up if this vital community is not well educated of a project’s development, mainly if shareholders have diverse outlook. In fact, the cause of a lot of project disagreement come up not for the reason of real problems, but because a client or a stakeholder was surprised by a project’s result.

Corresponding with stakeholders, sponsor, other team workers and other interested parties takes up quite a bit of project manager’s time. No matter how demanding your work may possibly be, there should at all times be time to regularly create a report on current project status. This simple form template will assist you to promptly report status on the given project.

Our free project status report template includes the outline for corresponding project status details to the most important stakeholders of your project in a document file.

This project status report template will make it possible for you to let stakeholders informed of the in progress status of a project and will allow to guarantee that there are no surprises and shocks relating to the progress and outcome of the result. It is planned so as to make it effortless to communicate project information to those concerned. It shows one layout design you can use to effectively communicate a project’s status to respected clients, customers, and other stakeholders.
Below is the preview and download link to this Free Project Status Report Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Project Status Report Template,

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