Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Inventory List Template

When you bought your house stuff, it is easy to record all the items from the beginning to end. This is not a bad practice, because after sometime you will be in need of this list, particularly when you have an idea to leave from your house and want to settle in another area. Surely at that time you will organize the items of your house.

This list is necessary in the case when your house is burnt and you going to claim to the insurance company to cover the losses.

There is also a condition, when inventory list is important, when you are getting divorce; naturally you wish to separate all of your items belonging to yourself and your wife\husband. For making summary of the items, this simple inventory list will help you. You may make modifications according to your requirement. When you begin to enlist your house stuff, don’t forget to write each and every new item you are going to buy.

Surely this is a “sample” of word template, but you may use it if it is fulfilling your requirements. This is easy to follow. You can download it from this website. The link is given bellow. No need to worry about payment, it is free of cost.
Here is the download link to this Home Inventory List Template.

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