Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hourly Service Invoice

This word template is very much suitable for those people or companies who charge for their services hourly. If you are a programmer and want to complete a project on hourly charge basis from your customer, it will help you in this regard. A lot of people do this practice. You may be a freelance stand promotion girl for an exhibition which will charge the customer on hourly basis. You may be a law consultant and may charge from your client on total hourly basis consultation.

Keep in mind that word template of this kind will help you to fill all the information by manual typing.

If you have databases in micro soft excel files, you can merge it using the mail-merge function. You have a liberty to change it according to your requirement. Chang the design, fonts and also the letterhead, if you wish.

This is a sample of word template. You can use it according to your requirement after making changes in it. Download it from this website with the help of link given below. It is free of charge.

Download it from this link:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blood Pressure Log

Blood pressure may be described as the pressure of blood against the walls of arteries. Its result comes from two forces. One is produced from the heart as it pumps blood into the arteries and through the blood circulation system. The second force produced by arteries, because they make a resistance in the flow of blood.

Usually the health of the people comprise of two numbers such as: ≡ Systolic, which shows the pressure as the heart compress to pump blood to the body. It contains high number.
≡ Diastolic, which shows the pressure while the heart take a minor rest between two beats. It consist lower number. The systolic pressure is described first. As 120/80 (120 and above 80); systolic = 120, diastolic = 80. This is a simple and easy to learn pressure log which is created in words. It can be kept in record and track your blood pressure.

This is a sample of a template. Very easy to understand and follow. In this website you will find a lot of templates, make a choice according to your requirement. Surely you are a sharp minded person, so make changes and amendments in it. Download it from this site ( and feel not any worry, because it is free of cost.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wedding Menu Templates

If you are going to wed and you want wedding menu templates which may be used for wedding reception, try this. It is only a sample which is created from the Microsoft Word to put you out of your difficulty. Now think read it for several times and edit it to create your own menu and fill according to your need and requirement coming your way at the reception.

These are two menus in one letter-size page. If you are planning to edit this menu, first color the table border, then you may be able to edit it with line guidance. When you come to an end and complete the editing of this menu, you can make the table border. The wedding pictures may be changed by browsing in Microsoft Word Clip Arts. Your created wedding menu may be aligned with any wedding color scheme. Make the food choice of your own.
When you give a final touch to your menu, you can print it on art, or ivory card. Two menus may be printed on one card. Cut them according to you required size, use ruler and craft knife. On trial basis you may print the matter on letter-size paper first. When printing the cards, make sure that you have the ivory or art card, the computer and the printer in good working condition, so that you may do your work smoothly.
This is sample template, if you are in search of a material which solve your problem, try this according to your requirement. Download it from below given website, without any worry, because it is free of cost.

Download it from here :

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blank Certificate Templates

Actually certificate, certifies the truth of particular state facts. There are different sorts of certificates which are given below:

Death certificate
Academic certificate
Service certificate
Moral certificate
Experience certificate

If you are seeking for a Blank certificate template to design the above given certificates, this will be your suitable choice. It is very easy to use, remove the previous contents and fill your required contents on this Blank certificate template.

These Blank Certificate Templates are designed using MS Publisher 2007. How to delete and insert the images and text is entirely easy, if you will use this application. To change the images are not difficult remove them and insert more according to your requirement. By the help of this Blank Certificate Template you may design your own certificate by rectification.If you are in search of a particular template for your purpose, then try these samples. It is easy to understand and make the changes keeping in view your requirements. Download it from the link given below. It is free of cost, so don’t worry about anything.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel Expenses Report

As an employee on behalf of your company you make so many business travels to abroad. In this regard you have to prepare a travel expenses report and not to make a business travel report.

This is necessary due to the finance rules & regulation of the company, because you have to clarify about your expanses when you were far away from your office. In the last you will make a balance report and show that you are going to return some money or get compensation.

Usually the category of the report is already assumed and summarized into big categories, and then you submit all of your receipts by attaching them with the final balance report.

If you are in search of a meaningful and well expressing expenses report, try this sample of word template, which is very easy to understand. If it is according to your requirement and is going to solve your problem, then download this from this website from the link given below. This is free of cost, so you don’t have to worry.

Downloadable link:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Inventory List Template

When you bought your house stuff, it is easy to record all the items from the beginning to end. This is not a bad practice, because after sometime you will be in need of this list, particularly when you have an idea to leave from your house and want to settle in another area. Surely at that time you will organize the items of your house.

This list is necessary in the case when your house is burnt and you going to claim to the insurance company to cover the losses.

There is also a condition, when inventory list is important, when you are getting divorce; naturally you wish to separate all of your items belonging to yourself and your wife\husband. For making summary of the items, this simple inventory list will help you. You may make modifications according to your requirement. When you begin to enlist your house stuff, don’t forget to write each and every new item you are going to buy.

Surely this is a “sample” of word template, but you may use it if it is fulfilling your requirements. This is easy to follow. You can download it from this website. The link is given bellow. No need to worry about payment, it is free of cost.
Here is the download link to this Home Inventory List Template.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Invitation Flyer

When we complete one year of our life successfully we make it enjoyable by celebrating it with color & music and edible thing and especially we cut a delicious cake. At this moment the movie maker makes the video. This occasion become remember able for everyone. Ultimately we invite those who are close to us and to whom we love most.

We want to invite them in an impressing manner. At this moment The Birthday Invitation Flyer may be helpful for you.

Birthday Invitation Flyer can be used as an invitation card to invite your loving guests. If you are annoyed of conventional birthday cards, you can design your own birthday card with the help of Birthday Invitation Flyer which may get easily on our site.

This Birthday Invitation Flyer is designed by using MS Publisher 2007. It will give you a fantastic idea to start for your own designing. This will save your time and money, if you are in search of such flyer then download it from the link given below. This is free of cost.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Address Label Template

Everybody knew this phenomenon that labels are used for various purposes. These are the labels which contain the address of receiver & sender. Adhesive is a good binder, so near about all the labels are adhesive on backs to distinguish the sender.

To fill the addresses manually is a hell of a job, so these labels are designed to save the time of sender. These labels provide a comfort to the people who want to send a large number of letters & documents through mail at a time. Keeping in view all of the requirement and problems coming in your way we made a nice pattern of Address Label Template for your easiness.

You may use it immediately only by changing the address of the sample, surely it will save plenty of your time and valuable money. Undoubtedly you have a shining mind tendency, so may change the requirements according to your need.

This Address Label Template is design by the help of MS Publisher 2007. If you are annoyed and in search of a proper template, then see this website and choose a template according to your requirement, these are “samples.” Download it without any worry, because these are free of cost. Use link given below to download this Free Address Label Template.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wedding Day Checklist

There are so many options for a wedding, arrange be an organizer or do it yourself with the help of your friends.

When you hire an organizer, you have nothing to do, only get dress on a particular time, use perfume and sit in a decorated car. But the situation is reverse and you have to manage it by yourself? Make your mind sharp and alert and don’t forget any thing. Go in detail for everything.

Make a checklist which will be solution for all of your problems. Remember that even a minor error will spoil your program and ruin the event.This is an easy-to-do checklist which you can change and adjust it to accommodate your own checklist.

You want to do something perfectly, but don’t know how to do it, so take help from a template from this ( ) website according to your requirement; you are no need to worry, because it is free of cost. It is simple and easy to understand, so try it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bills Payment Schedule

If you are feeling trouble and unable to manage your monthly bills in order, then write down the details of the bills on a piece of paper systematically It is very easy to use this payment schedule template to keep all of your bills in order.

Don’t forget to write due dates, and then keep an amount as budget to make payment for all of those bills. Bill have various kinds, some are compulsory to which you have to pay with immediately. These bills have not any concern with your budget that you have reserve for the other payments.

Furthermore you have to maintain the house cash flow, if you are getting variable income from different jobs on uncertain dates.
If you are feeling any trouble and want to find a sample for a suitable template, then use This website ( ) and download the template according to your requirement. It is not troublesome because it is free of cost. Use it and enjoy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Daily School Schedule

Remember those days when you were going to school. Our teacher teaches us the good manners and etiquettes. They see us punctual and come in school in time, otherwise they punishes us on late coming. In class after teaching lesson they us home assignment and check it the other day.

If we fail to do this home assignment they punish us. If you want to have a discipline in your entire life, then make a school daily schedule worksheet. This sheet will remind you about your daily programs and activities. This is a simple daily schedule template which will help you manage every plan of your daily life, morning till night. The main factor of this worksheet is to control your time and spend it in a perfect way. Here we have two daily schedule interpretations; the first template will have 15 minutes separation (6 am to 4pm) while the second will have 30 minutes separation (6 am to 8 pm).

Take the worksheet and type the school activities in it. Like the breakfast time and details of your in taking, wait for bus on the stop, at what time you attend the class, playing the games in you recess. For your easiness you may print it after you fill it or you print it blank and start to fill it manually. Make a change according to you need & requirement. Homework, notes and to-do columns are three additional columns in which you can fill with concern information of the particular day. Surely you have a shining mind, so make modifications and are sure what you are writing.

What to do, when to do and how to do is always a problem for you, so take help from a template and download it from this website ( *. Nothing is difficult in it, because it is free of cost and we are not asking anything.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Restaurant Menu Templates

Food is a biological need, so everyone likes to eat. They do this practice everyday, otherwise the body energy will be decrease and they will be unable to anything properly. People like to eat three times all the daylong. They take the breakfast with their family, lunch with their office fellows and dinner with their friends or family members, when they com back from office.
Usually in lunch time when they go outside the office, they like to go to any restaurant. Due to this phenomenon you will find restaurant in every big or small city. It is obvious that small restaurant provide only breakfast in morning, while the big restaurant provide the meal all the day long. The expensive restaurant provide delicious and variety of foods according to their menu. If the people who come to the restaurant know the types of the food and the proper name of the dish, they can be provided the food, with this reason when thy entered in a restaurant, they ask for the menu. Menu is nothing, but a pretty list of the dishes provided in a particular restaurant.
If you are running a restaurant or engaged to design a menu, it is your duty to create a fantastic menu, which should represent the description, the price and detail of the dish. For introducing the dishes, you may give the pictures of the food. You should give priority to your dishes, for which your visitor like to come to your restaurant. This is the taste that invites them to come, otherwise if they will find the food un-delicious they will not come back to your restaurant. Here are so many kinds of restaurant menu templates in which prices are also mention; you may use them according to your requirement. Select the design and style and use it. Remember the contents of the menu are important, so give priority to it, the design comes later. These are created in Microsoft Word, so may make amendments in it improve the design.

If you are seeking for a particular template, then visit this link ( and choose a template from it, download it according to your requirement and take a guide from it, because it is free of cost.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Blank Recipe Card Template

Yes I know that you are a good house wife and keep every thing with manner and delicacy. You are a good cook also and whenever you see the cook on your TV, cooking delicious foods, your mouth watered and you decide to prepare the same food stuff in your kitchen.
But you feel uneasy when find not any proper paper & specification to note the recipe in a manner able style. Don’t be miserable lady, I give you and idea. Now there is blank & printable recipe cards available in market, so buy them. You may use to write down the recipe at anytime when you find them. The easy way to maintain them is not difficult, you type the recipe manually. There is another way that you may type it in Microsoft Word. When a number of cards will be collected, it will be difficult to keep them. You may keep them in a box mounted on the kitchen wall, to pick the required recipe easily and within no time.
These cards will be simple and easy to understand; also any other can use it instead of you. To make the cards beautiful make a border and out line. When you use it write about the source, name of the recipe, cooking time, ingredients you are using and the necessary direction. If the cards are making any trouble, cut them according to your will with a cutter and a steel rule.

Click here to download This Free Blank Recipe Card Template.