Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hourly Service Invoice

This word template is very much suitable for those people or companies who charge for their services hourly. If you are a programmer and want to complete a project on hourly charge basis from your customer, it will help you in this regard. A lot of people do this practice. You may be a freelance stand promotion girl for an exhibition which will charge the customer on hourly basis. You may be a law consultant and may charge from your client on total hourly basis consultation.

Keep in mind that word template of this kind will help you to fill all the information by manual typing.

If you have databases in micro soft excel files, you can merge it using the mail-merge function. You have a liberty to change it according to your requirement. Chang the design, fonts and also the letterhead, if you wish.

This is a sample of word template. You can use it according to your requirement after making changes in it. Download it from this website with the help of link given below. It is free of charge.

Download it from this link:

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