Friday, August 26, 2011

Annual Report Template

A report is made to provide people with a complete overview of what is being done in a company. Annual report tells a company’s mission; their accomplishments, goals and vision.  There are different types of reports.

  • They can be made to study conditions of a state and by studying the annual report make analysis and conclusion about the situation.
  • Other report could be to study affairs of a state and then predict about its future and development it could make by keeping that annual report in front.

Annual report template helps to systematically understand the position of the company.
Annual report also summarizes employees and the budget associated with them.

A universal report template has been made in Microsoft Excel. Now one can choose to customize it according to one’s suitability. The format of an annual report depends upon the idea of the report. Instead of making some report manually which might be much time consuming it is better to simply download a template on Microsoft Excel and edit it according to one’s needs. 

Click here to download this Free Annual Report Template

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