Thursday, July 16, 2009

Packing List Template

Every successful vacation starts with a packing list and luggage that's right for the trip. By drawing up a packing list, you can prepare ahead of time and have the confidence of knowing you are unlikely to leave anything important behind.

By preparation of packing list there is less chance of missing any important thing. So before set on a journey you should prepare a packing list of those things which you have to take with you. Here I give you some instructions to prepare a packing list. While you are going to a trip you should have sufficient s amount of cash or credit card with you. Check your important things two times.

And if a company has to send some collection of items to another company or place, you must prepare the packing list. In this list you should write your company name, address, phone number, and fax number. And name, address, and phone number of that company to whom goods are sent is also shown on packing list. By preparing this list you can easily check that how many goods, you are sending.

Here you will find Packing List Template, which helps you for preparation of your packing list. In this list you must write quantity of goods, order number, packed by, checked by, and total number of cartoons. You can download this Sample Packing List Template for free and use it.

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