Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reunion Letters

Reunion letter are written to your friends and your families for the get together. It is really a fun for making a plan for reunion. So you must have to invite your friends or relatives for reunion. You have to write letter to convince them to join you. Some points should keep in mind while writing the letter. It is formal letter so any specific format is not required. Tell your friends about total cost and also per head cost for the reunion. Mention place, date and time of reunion. Remind your previous memories and convince them for creating new ones. Tell them final decision will be made after your response. Write address, postal code, name and phone number in the start. Request them to join you to create wonderful memories and tell them it is the time to having fun so arrange some time from your hectic schedule and be ready for reunion. You can also take help from sample reunion letters from this site and invite your friends.

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